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We received so many incredible entries it was very hard to choose just 5 images for the shortlist as the standard was so high. 

I loved the choice of angle and composition in Delia's image. I felt that it created a sense loss for all of the things we were unable to do during lockdown. Using the fence to break up the image was a great use of storytelling.

This image of Macy's tortoise really got me thinking about what an amazing support our animals have been throughout lockdown. I absolutely loved the attention to detail and pin sharp focus on the tortoises eye. 

This image of a solitary woodland bench taken by Nikola created an amazing sense of mindfulness, wellbeing and thoughtfulness for me. I loved the lighting and felt that the space around the bench was symbolic of having space to think and process everything around us. 

Dylan's Black and White Clap for Hero's image captured the moment perfectly! The shadows and highlights created by the beautiful light in this image really helped to enhance the storytelling element. I also felt that the positioning of the main subject was perfect. 


This image entered by Ben is absolutely beautifully backlit which creates amazing strong shadows and highlights whilst retaining the detail and shape of the main subject. The characters at either side create fantastic lead in lines which draw the viewers eye to the main subject. I absolutely love that even though backlighting is used here you can still see the face details and eyes on the main lego character. There is a great sense of storytelling in this image which leaves it open for the viewer to interpret what the image means to them. All in all, a great job. Congratulations Ben. 

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