#BeautifulFBB 2020

What's it all about?

This campaign is all about OWNING your beautiful!

Whilst there are so many positive things happening within the media and on social media to highlight the affects of body shaming, trolling and bullying, there are nowhere near enough actions being taken to get the message across that online bullying/trolling is a form of abuse and it will NOT be tolerated at any level - FULL STOP.

We are human beings not objects, we do not exist to be constantly judged and evaluated on a personal level by others
Self worth is not measured by comments, likes or validation from other people.

It's time to be who we CHOOSE to be, not how others think we should be.

It's not about sensoring peoples views and opinions or saying that people can't speak out, it's about encouraging poeple to think more about how they choose to speak to others and understand that they WILL be held accountable for their actions.

Going back to basics it's about human kindness and the belief that change can happen - there is strength in numbers.

#swolesisters #beautifulyou #mychoice #stampoutbullying #nosayaboutme #becauseican #Iwillalwaysbeenough

The Results

The campaign launched on social media at the beginning of February and ran all the way up until Valentines day. During this time we managed to reach over 45k people and we're still going, we received messages of support and encouragement as well as being invited to appear on local radio stations to talk about the campaign. Then lockdown happened so we took a moment to pause and reset, now it's time for phase 2!

The Interviews


Louise Plumb - Bodybuilder/Strongwoman

Yvette Geary - Bodybuilder

Diane Manning - Bodybuilder

Jolene Wensley - Bodybuilder/Strongwoman

Lucy Scroggs - Because I Can Fitness

The Reactions

Thank You's

To each of the amazing ladies who took part

Louise, Lucy, Diane, Jolene and Yvette. Thank you for trusting me to take these images and for whole heartedly getting on board throughout the whole campaign. You each had such an incredible story to share, in working together to create this incredible set of images we have truly started on an incredibly positive path to change the game.

Sita Gill

Thank you for being an amazing hair and makeup artist and fully embracing this project from the very beginning.

Simon Burfoot and The Flash Centre

Thank you so much for providing the much needed additional Elinchrom equipment required to create the perfect lighting for these amazing athletes.

Will Currie and Shaun Dagnall Media

Videography and Editing


"Simply Superb!"

"Thank you, I needed to see this today!"

"Strong in so many senses of the word"

"Powerful, Beautiful and Strong"

"I love this! Thank you for sharing your story and strength!!!"

" There's only one word for it, Beautiful!"

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