Photography Basics and Creative Techniques for Young People- Boommfest Marsh and Micklefield workshop which taught young people the basics of photography and creative techniques. 

Basic Photography Skills for Adults - Half-day workshop with a focus on camera techniques, light and creativity. 

Body Positivity Workshop - Wycombe Youth Action Girls Group. An insight into how outside influences can affect Self-Image. 

Be-Youtiful - NCS Talk and Workshop around Storytelling in the Media and Re-Touching. 

Mental Health and Mindfulness Workshop - Wycombe Youth Action Girls Group 2 day workshop. 

Posing Techniques - Marlow Camera Club talk and interactive workshop. 

Painting With Light - Wycombe Youth Action Girls Group. A creative photography workshop where the group created painted light portraits.  

Breaking Barriers - Photography Skills Session on Natural Beauty. Collaborative Project with local organisations. 

The Art of Boudoir Talk - London Portrait Group

Photography Skills Coaching - NCS The Challenge. A three day workshop to teach photography skills and empower young people to tell their stories through images. 

#BetterTogether Project - Created to Support Young People Throughout Lockdown. In partnership with Wycombe Youth Action, Khepera, Startup and Fitness Garden

Online Photography Club - Designed for GCSE Photography Students to offer photography tips and tricks using the equipment the available. 

Breaking Barriers 2 - Skills Sharing Collaborative Project aims at Breaking Barriers to Creativity. 

Photoshop Tutorial - Marlow Camera Club. An online session to outline some of the basics of Photoshop along with a Q&A. 

Campaign Workshop on Self-Image - Wycombe Youth Action Girls Group. Young people created an Instagram campaign from start to finish. United in Uniqueness aims to focus on improving mental health and raise awareness around bullying. 

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