The Power of Beautiful You

As a photographer i’ve always known that I wanted my work not just to exist but to make an impact. When I started my company, the idea was to take powerful images that would challenge perceptions, I did the successfully for 4 years taking boudoir and makeover images until something hit me. I needed to do more. 

I began thinking, what if it’s about more than just challenging perceptions. There’s strength in numbers right…and so The Beautiful You Movement was born!

What is Beautiful You all about?

The Beautiful You Movement is all about embracing who we are, unapologetically without fear of judgement. I believe that being unique is the most incredible thing a person can be, imagine being so rare that you are the only one of you to ever exist. Surely that’s something worth celebrating?

Beautiful You aims to encourage anyone struggling with body image, confidence or self-esteem, along with those who already embrace and celebrate themselves, to stand together, start a ripple effect and promote change. It also aims to tackle the ever growing societal attitude that it’s okay to leave negative, and often very personal comments, on the social media platforms of complete strangers. This is where the campaigns come in #saynototrolling

How can we all harness the power of Beautiful You?

Basically, it all comes down to giving less hoots about what other people think or more importantly, what we think other people think! Instead of allowing outside influences to make us feel any less than awesome, what if instead we decided that are actually enough just the way we are! 

It’s time to change the game. Click here to find out more

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