Courses and Workshops

Individuals -  Book Now

One to one photography courses tailored specifically to meet your requirements

These can be single or multiple skills sessions which can include:

- Framing and Composition

- Getting off of Auto and onto Manual 

- Lighting Skills - Off Camera Flash and Studio Flash

Perfect for complete beginners or those wanting to perfect specific skills

Group Workshops - Book Now

With social media playing such a huge role in our daily lives at home, socially and at work, these group sessions are designed for people and businesses who want to learn more about photography and how to take consistently better pictures 

These half day workshops are limited to 6 participants and  will be tailored to your bespoke requirements 

Suitable for all skill levels

Schools - Enquire Here

These workshops are designed to encourage and empower young people to express themselves creatively through photography with a focus on body positivity, kindness and self esteem. By educating young people about "the dark side" of photography where images are digitally manipulated to such a point that they are no longer real, Flux Photographic hopes to begin to address and combat the effects that unrealistic imagery is having on young people

Workshops can be tailored to meet each school's requirements

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