121 Tuition

One to one photography tuition is tailored on a  bespoke basis to specifically meet each person's individual requirements. These can be single or multiple skills sessions which can include:

*Getting off of Auto and onto Manual

*Framing and Composition

*Lighting Skills (Natural, Off Camera Flash and Studio Flash)

*Depth of field (how to get that perfect blurry background) and other skills which can help you turn good photography into great photography

Perfect for complete beginners to those with some experience wanting to perfect specific skills

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Smart Phone Photography for Social Media

With social media playing such a huge role in our daily lives at home, socially and at work, these sessions are designed for businesses and individuals who want to learn how to take consistently stronger images for their online platforms.

These sessions offer a range of techniques that can be used to help take your social media to the next level using just a smart phone and equipment you already have at home. 

Sessions are specifically tailored to your requirements and can include things like:

Finding the perfect light, Composition, Flat Lays, Props/Styling and best Smart Phone Apps to use

Suitable for all skill levels

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Schools and Youth Groups

Working in collaboration with Wycombe Youth Action, our Beauty and The Truth workshops are designed to help young people feel empowered when it comes to Body Image and encourage them to express themselves creatively with a focus on kindness, mindfulness and self esteem. 

In these sessions we create a safe space for  discussions around important topics which affect all young people such as:

Beauty Standards, Wellbeing, Mental Health, How to Spot Fake News and Safety on Social Media

These workshops begin to address and aim to help combat the affects that unrealistic body ideals are having on young people and also, promote more balanced attitudes.

Each workshop is tailored to meet each group's requirements

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Camera Clubs and Guest Speaking

With 15 years experience in Portrait Photography, Studio Lighting, Boudoir Photography and Corporate Branding, there's nothing I love more than sharing the helpful hints and tips that have have helped me throughout my career so far. 

 I love meeting new people to connect over all things photography and my delivery style is both inclusive and informative. So, whether you'd like book a talk or a workshop, let's work together to plan something that will most benefit your attendees. 

All talks/workshops are interactive with lots of opportunity for audience participation. Expect lots of tips, tricks, laughs and learning!

If you are interested in booking me to speak or hold a workshop at your club or event... 

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Beauty and The Truth

22nd November @ Princes Risborough School

Beauty and The Truth

23rd November @ Kingswood School 

Beauty and The Truth

29th November  @ Princes Risborough School

Camera Club Talk

29th November  @  AFFCC Talk


I have been to several classes with Victoria, both 1-2-1 and in group sessions. 

I  found her to be an excellent teacher. She is very patient and runs the session to suit your ability. If there is a topic that you are struggling with, she will slow down the lesson until you are happy. I have found that my photography has come on in leaps and bounds since going to her.

As well as being a great teacher and a fantastic photographer, Victoria is also a first - class presenter of workshops. At our camera club last season, she gave a great workshop on how to work with a model. 

This was so popular with everyone that attended, that we have invited her back next season for two further workshops, one on the use of Flash, the other on How to use Photoshop. I am very much looking forward to listening to her again and improving my photography even more.

Eric, Vice Chair - Marlow Camera Club

I had a great lesson on photographing food. Really helpful as the session took place at my home so I could learn how to make the most of what I had. It also meant that I could work within the space I'd be using moving forwards. Vicky then went through the editing process on photoshop. Definitely recommend :)

Katie, 121 Session Attendee

Amazing lady who has delivered several photography projects to our Girls Group, Sheros. 

Victoria is both professional and engaging.

The girls always love these sessions and enjoy seeing their images printed for them to take home.  

Yasmin, Youth Worker WYA 

I did a 4 week course with Victoria and thoroughly enjoyed it. Not only did she give me some basic understanding and knowledge of my camera she also gave me confidence to try new things.

She tailored the sessions to suit me and what I wanted to concentrate on including coming to my house to help me take photos of my son.
Really pleased I did these sessions and hope she develops some more soon.

Alison, 121 Course Attendee

Victoria, thank you so much for a fabulous day! 

Both Ella and I now feel much more confident with the camera. Our heads are spinning with newly learned skills and techniques, we can't wait to use them and become pros. 

Pat and Ella, 221 Course Attendees

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